The Announcement of the Decade

AIA Releases 2017 Contract Documents

As the Industry Standard, AIA Contract Documents stays ahead of the industry trends, updating the core set of documents every 10 years to ensure your design and construction projects are protected.

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Some of the major owner/architect changes included in the 2017 documents are:

  • Single Sustainable Exhibit

    That can be used with any project and added to any AIA document to address the risks and responsibilities associated with sustainable services.

  • “Termination Fee” Fill Point

    New agreements contain a fill point to prompt the parties to discuss and insert an appropriate “Termination Fee” for terminations for convenience.

  • Additional compensation

    If the Architect could not have reasonably anticipated the market conditions that caused the bids or proposals to exceed the owner’s budget.

  • New Supplemental Services

    To avoid confusion with Additional Services that arise during the course of the project.

  • Progress Payment definition

    The new agreements clarify how the Architect’s progress payments will be calculated if compensation is on a percentage basis.