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AIA Contract Documents® can help Protect Your Business, and  Keep More of Your Money in Your Pocket, when you customize our standard agreements and forms.

Customized AIA Contract Documents fit your projects and help protect your business on virtually any project because YOU are the one customizing them! You make the revisions, additions, and deletions that you see fit. So rest assured that you WORK ON YOUR TERMS. No surprises, no trade-offs, just the protection you need tailored to your projects.

Saving you money, and providing a security blanket for your business, aren't the only benefits to be had. We know you're busy so we've outlined 4 of the most important benefits our customers get when they start their project with a customized contract.


  1. Avoid project delays.
  2. Lower the chance of lost wages due to unclear scope.
  3. Get paid on time for work rendered per your agreement.
  4. Reduce the chance of litigation with clear terms and conditions.

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